Alessio Leonardi is the new CEO of „FCA Srbija“

Instead of Francesco Ciancia, who took the another position in the “Fiat Chrysler” Group, the new director of the factory in Kragujevac is Alessio Leonardi. Leonardi has ten years of expert and managerial experience in the most demanding positions in the Group “Fiat Chrysler Automobiles”. Kragujevac-based factory, as a young member of the Fiat family and one of the most modern factories in the Group develops and improves business just through the exchange of experiences and knowledge brought from the top European experts, such as Leonardi. Alessio Leonardi graduated at Mechanical Engineering at the University of Perugia.



He came to “Fiat Chrysler” came in 2006 and began his career as an engineer-specialist in the factory “Sevel” in the Italian city of Atessa. By 2012, he covered several technical positions in this factory, and then became the manager of Lacquer plant in the factory AGAP, in the Italian city Grugliasco. After three years, he took the position of manager of the installation plant in the same factory, which belongs to the premium brands, “Fiat Chrysler cars”.

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