Alexopoulos: Free education to support birth rate

At the Solemn Academy in College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija over 500 students of the 21st generation were allocated. Among parents and distinguished guests, the ceremony was attended by MPs in the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, Assistant Professor at Faculty of Law, Aleksandar Martinovic and Dr Vladimir Orlic.

The ceremony was opened by the Choir of The Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences from Jagodina, performing the national anthem and student anthem Gaudeamus Igitur.

The director of the College of Applied Health Sciences, which is considered one of the socially most responsible institutions in Serbia, PhD. med. Christos Alexopoulos pointed out that the school strives to facilitate education to as many students. This year, for the first time children from families with four or more children are entitled to free education in College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija.This school provides a small contribution to fostering the birth of our country which joins the action of the President Vucic in the fight against the white plague.

On the proposal of the Minister Aleksandar Vulin College of Applied Heath Sciences Cuprija Ćuprija signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, which enabled the children of fallen soldiers and employees of the Army of Serbia also have the right to free education.

We are doing everything in our power to make Serbia’s education is accessible to all, it is our duty. What we promised, we have fulfilled. We have enabled dozens of free education of students from socially disadvantaged families and children of members of the Army of Serbia recognizing the priority mandate of the government of Prime Minister Brnabić, education. Students should acquire knowledge and follow the path that we forge.”-said Alexopoulos, and ended his speech citing the famous passage from the book Spiritual Conversations by Dr Vladeta Jerotic” Obrazovan je onaj koji ima obraza,”

Students with special needs also have the right to free education in the College. Secured parking spaces, easy access and elevators for disabled are provided as well.

MP Aleksandar Martinović officially allocated the students who are entitled to free education stating that the lecturers at the College of Applied Health Scienecs Cuprija are on top of their fields. “Knowledge is the greatest possible capital that one can acquire, at the same time something that nobody can take away “- said Martinovic.

Dr Vladimir Orlic, which among other functions gained the rank of reserve lieutenant of the Army of Serbia allocated the children of members of the Army of Republic of Serbia, advising these young people to take advantage of the period of schooling in a wise way, that knowledge they gain would be of importance not only for their professional career, but also for their personal happiness. “Try to contribute to the work of everyone in our house in our beloved country.”

At the end of the ceremony freshmen had the opportunity to see the monodrama “What befalls me” in the performance of one of the most popular national actress, Andjelka Prpic.

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