Alma Quattro Celebrated Its 25th Anniversary

Alma Quattro celebrated its leading position and 25 years of successful business operations on 14th November 2019 in Belexpocentar, with over 650 guests from our country, the region and from the entire world.

This unusual event by advertising standards began with a theatre performance that took the guests 75 years into the future when Alma Quattro would celebrate its 100th anniversary.

With a satirical view of interpersonal relationships that would change under the onslaught of robots and the fear of technology threatening to take over the job of the director himself, the performance exaggerates the concerns we face daily and questions the complexity of male-female relationships.

The intergalactic spectacle was attended by over 650 guests from the region and Europe. Particularly significant was the presence of Jean-Francoise Decaux as a representative of JCDecaux and a friend of Alma Quattro company.

Among the guests there were representatives of the Swiss APG SGA Group, which owns Alma Quattro since 2003, representatives of the city institutions, the Swiss Embassy, ​​the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, leading companies in the region, media companies, marketing agencies, long-time partners and associates, dear friends, employees’ families, and employees themselves.

The celebration was especially marked by two exceptionally important speeches given by Mr. Jean Francois Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board of the biggest company in the industry worldwide, JCDecaux, and Mr. Daniel Hofer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of APG SGA Group.

In the spirit of the whole idea of ​​human uniqueness, with the words: “Success is not something you wish for, but rather something you work for diligently every day”, Sanja Pesić, Alma Quattro’s CEO, invited all the employees of the company to join her on the stage as “the people who get work done (every day)”.

After the official part, the curtain was raised again and we could hear the voice of Freddie Mercury – the interpretation by the singer from the fantastic Queen Tribute Band.

The evening culminated in the spirit of the Serbian mentality, with great sounds of the trumpets of Dejan Petrović Big Band and their well-known hits.

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