ALMA QUATTRO: Entering The Digital Era In Advertising

While everyone is getting prepared for farewell with old calendar year,we are starting off new era in our company’s business history, by stepping into world of digital media

We are embracing new year with new potential and great expectations. What it is all about? We are talking about 84inch latest generation digital LCD panels (e-panels), positioned on central locations within pedestrian zone in downtown of Belgrade covering route from Kalemegdan fortress to Palace of Albania, across Obilićev venac and Zmaj Jovina street. This area well known for its gastronomic, cultural and historical sights and high frequency pedestrian traffic now has gained prestigious and high tech OOH media coverage. Brand new high resolution (4K) LCD panels form network with impressive moving overall image which makes an ideal supplement to both classic OOH and online advertising Outdoor network of digital screens allows advertisers to creatively engage with their audiences through moving and interactive context. New LCD screens are fast, variable and innovative enabling our clients to improve communication with their audiences.

These features of our new media make them attention grasping 24/7 guaranteed. Viewers can browse, create, share and even download your campaign content. Advertising content can be booked and displayed both in the form of moving picture or video in the length of 10 second spot in a loop of 60 seconds. Almost endless possibilities are available to our clients, with one restriction concerning audio reproduction which is banned. Second news that we have to announce at the end of the current year is about network of public bus shelters. During the course of last 25 years Alma Quattro is in charge of mounting and maintenance of public bus shelters as an integral part of urban mobility in the city of Belgrade. We are proud to announce that in the course of renovation of existing bus stop shelters in the very center of Belgrade, Alma Quattro has replaced an old static one’s with the new scrolling city lights. Moreover, we present our fellow citizens and tourists with the new service “Live Touch Panels” as an integral part of these new bus shelters. New bus shelters are positioned on seven locations in the center, covering route from Kralja Milana Street, Terazije, to Republic Square and Nikola Pašić Square near Pioneer’s Park.

Live touch panel“ as a new public service for citizens and visiting tourists is already present in major European cities. „Live Touch Panel“ is a 32-inch interactive touchscreen. The system runs on the Android platform, which is specially developed and adapted for the use within the framework of public transport as a part of the urban mobility. Large number of different applications can be installed, some of the application are pre-configured and other can be installed later in accordance with needs. It is important to emphasize that all touch panels are positioned within the reach of people with disabilities. All applications are available both in Serbian and English language.

We are very pleased how the current year has been for us. Readily we wait for the new business challenges that new digital media put in front of us. High tech LCD screens that we installed have only few cities in Europe, such as London, Stockholm and Wien, this fact gives us motivation to set new standardsin OOH advertising just like we did during the course of last 25 years on our local Serbian market.


The following public service information are currently installed and available on Live Touch devices in Belgrade:

– TIME: displays current weather and time and weather forecast for the next few days;

– PHOTOS: photos of Belgrade’s sights with a short description;

– TWITTER: Twitter account of Tourist Organization of Belgrade (TOB);

– MAP: Map of Belgrade with a list of city sights (museums, sports facilities, historical buildings, etc.) with a brief description and images. Also, these panels have built-in option of navigating to the desired destination. Maps are based on Google Maps and the paths obtained can be easily transferred to your smartphone for the future use;

– BELGRADE INFO: custom version of TOB site (Tourist Organization of Belgrade). This web site is very well updated with lots of useful information for tourists.

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