Almost a decade of cooperation of the Association of Parents of Children with malignant diseases, “Zvončica” and the company McDonald’s

Association of parents of children with malignant diseases, “Zvončica” and the company McDonald’s in Serbia have cooperated for nearly a decade, since 2009. Management of the company McDonald’s in 2009 decided that the money that is collected in a “humanitarian piggy bank” in all McDonald’s restaurants across the country should be donated to this institution, exclusively for the purchase of taking  medical and hospital equipment.

Thanks to the funds that are collected which represents more than 150,000 euros,  so far there has been a lot of medical equipment purchased to equip hospital departments, wards and laboratories of the Institute for Health Protection of Mother and Child of Serbia” Dr Vukan Čupić “.

• 57 infusion pumps
• 6 electric beds for intensive care units
• 6 monitors for vital functions of patients
• 2 dry sterilisers
 • 1 laminar chambers and other cytostatic drugs
• 1 ECG
• 1 software for diagnostic apparatus flow cytometer
• 1 machine for washing and steriliszing bottles for feeding infants
• Furniture for onehospital room and living room for the children on the Hemathooncology ward
• Furniture for 2 doctors’ study rooms
• 1 set of polygons for physical therapy

“The funds are collected through the “charity piggy banks” in our restaurants and in that way we help to motivate children with the most severe disease to have better conditions of treatment and recovery.” said Veselin Janićijević, CEO of McDonald’s in Serbia. Vesna Skoko, President of UO “Zvončica” said, “We are extremely pleased that we have succeeded to justify the trust of citizens, who spend their spare change left in “charity piggy banks” in McDonald’s restaurants  in Serbia, because each purchase of medical and hospital equipment is transparently published so that the citizens know where their money is going.” “Purchased equipment (medical equipment, beds, furniture, etc.) was primarily intended to those departments where the most sick children are. All this has contributed to the quality of treatment and the conditions in which  the little patients are.” said Dr. sc. med. Radoje Simić, Acting Director of the Institute for Health Protection of Mother and Child of Serbia “Dr Vukan Čupić”. The company McDonald’s will continue with the “humanitarian piggy banks” in the future.

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