Ambassadors visiting the carpet makers

The third weavers colony, held from 11 to 14 June in the former military barrack Dojkinci on Stara Planina, gathered foreign diplomats and officials in Serbia who provided support to unemployed women in the village to affirm and provide themselves with a constant source of income through the production of handicrafts as business items and diplomatic gifts.

Fifteen top weavers from all over Serbia made Pirot carpets in order to enrich their knowledge and skills in weaving. The importance of preserving the heritage was also highlighted by numerous diplomats who visited the colony – Australian Ambassador H. E. Julia Feeney, Israeli Ambassador H. E. Aloan Fisher Kamm, Indonesian Ambassador H. E. Harry Kandou, Ambassador of Belgium H. E. Leo D’Aes and others. This year’s colony was organised by the towns of Pirot and Sombor within the framework of the Agreement on cooperation for the preservation of Stapar and Pirot carpets, together with Ethno Network with the support of NALED and the embassies of Australia and the USA. Making handicrafts represents the second largest source of income for agricultural holdings in the European Union.

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