Among the 40 Most Read Portals in Serbia – Color Press Group Has as Many as Six!

According to Gemius data for the month of May 2024, Color Press Group has as many as six of the 40 most read portals in Serbia

In 16th place is with 1,177,152 unique visitors; is in 22nd place with 839,616; is 23rd with 828,720; is 25th with 779,664; is 35th with 352,992 and is 37th with 292,272 unique visitors.

The first three months on the table, as in previous months, are held by (3,338,448), (3,203,952) and (3,007,008).

In the first 40 portals in Serbia – Color Press Group has six representatives, Wireless Media Group – 5, Ringier – 4, United Media – 3,
Kopernikus Grupa and Alo Media Sistem 2 each. Other publishers whose portals are in the first 40 – have one representative each

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