Ana Ivanović: Save Children, Be Responsible!

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a complete change in the lives of people around the world. As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase dramatically, preventive and emergency measures are being introduced in many countries, while families need to adjust to the new reality. Healthcare professionals and healthcare systems in many countries face many challenges like lack of adequate protective equipment, medical equipment and enough beds to take in all patients.

Since the onset of the crisis, UNICEF has been working closely with the World Health Organization, governments and other partners to help prevent and stop the virus contagion, to save the lives of the population and to mitigate the adverse effects of the pandemic on the health care system, social care services, and children’s education.

UNICEF is an international organization with abundant experience in emergency response. It annually provides support to around 300 emergencies worldwide. With the largest humanitarian warehouse in the world and long-term cooperation with around 1,000 suppliers globally, UNICEF is able to provide the required products and equipment that can help save lives. Government assistance and support from the business sector and philanthropists is therefore essential for rapid and effective intervention.

The UNICEF ambassadors, celebrities who, through their actions and influence, mobilize support and assistance for children and the realization of children’s rights are particularly important in promoting solidarity and launch of philanthropic campaigns.

Ana Ivanović, UNICEF’s national ambassador for Serbia, responded immediately to this crisis. She made a personal donation and mobilized her business partners and friends to provide as many respirators as possible to Serbia via UNICEF.

“Ana is a truly dedicated UNICEF ambassador to Serbia. She is always ready to get involved and help our activities for the benefit of children and families. Her power to move her co-workers and friends is invaluable, especially at times when we face an unprecedented health crisis.

UNICEF fully supports national efforts to protect the population, notably through the procurement of critically needed equipment for the health care system, as well as through disseminating information on how to protect against the virus and how to maintain services and provide assistance to the most vulnerable families with children. We greatly appreciate Ana’s contribution to our operations – both to regular programmes for children and emergencies like the one we are all facing right now, ”said Regina De Dominicis, Director of UNICEF in Serbia.

Ana thanked her friends and partners on social media:

I would like to extend my endless gratitude to my friends and partners who responded to my call to help UNICEF in acquiring the necessary medical equipment for the prevention of the coronavirus pandemic that will help with saving lives in these difficult times.

Thank you so much EXLRT, Execom, the Serbian Association of Recyclers, Prozone, Kalemegdan Development and Petite Geneve Petrović. Your support is priceless because the current state of emergency puts children and their families in an even bigger danger.“

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