Annual Recognition for Good Deeds

Trag Foundation Announces The Launch of The Fourteenth Competition of the Virtus Award for Philanthropy

Trag Foundation has announced the launch of the competition for the 14th Annual VIRTUS Award for Philanthropy. This competition aims to give recognition to philanthropists, both individuals and companies, who supported those who were in most need of help during the previous year. The VIRTUS Award for 2020 is presented with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within the Framework for Giving project, the European Union, and the Balkan Trust for Democracy.

“The idea of humanity is an integral part of our beings and is thus woven into various segments of our private and business lives. The driving force for good deeds always lies in our desire to help someone and contribute to the community’s improvement around us. In times of major crises, such as the COVID-19 virus pandemic, philanthropy is of particular importance. Therefore, Trag Foundation wants to highlight companies and enterprises that have been particularly committed to repairing the effects of the pandemic, individuals who have made extraordinary efforts to minimize the effects of the crisis in their communities, but also those who have continued to invest in long-term solutions to the problems in their own communities and promote positive values in society by sharing their philanthropic deeds”, said Marija Mitrovic, Philanthropy and Partnerships Director at Trag Foundation. She invited citizens, non-profit organizations, media, PR and marketing agencies, as well as companies and enterprises to nominate candidates for the VIRTUS Philanthropy Award and added, “Good people and responsible businesses are all around us, help us recognize them, present them to the public and reward them.”

VIRTUS Award for 2020 will be presented in five main categories: The Main Award for a contribution at the national level, Award for contribution to the local community in which the company operates, Award for small and medium-size enterprises, Award for a long-term partnership between business and the non-profit sector as well as the Award for individual contribution to philanthropy.

More information about the competition’s propositions, award categories, ways of applying, and the jury members can be found at the following link:

The call for nominations begins on January 21st and will last until February 25th, 2021. The winners of the VIRTUS awards for 2020 will be announced in the first half of May.

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