Annual session of the HPK Assembly held

Almost thirty members of the Croatian Business Club attended the annual session of the HPK Assembly, held on January 25th at the Belgrade Hotel Falkensteiner.

During the explanation of the agenda, all of which were unanimously adopted, HPK President Marija Radulović presented a detailed report on the work of the Club in 2017 and plans for 2018. Work in 2018 started in the presence of five new members who will be individually represented in the current year. During the session of the Assembly, HPK Vice President Stanko Krstin and Stjepan Glas, the empowered Minister of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Serbia, addressed the gathering. They made positive impressions about the work of the Croatian Business Club, with special emphasis on a series of activities and a doubling of the number of members in the last two years.

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