Apatin Brewery -15th Anniversary of the “When I Drink I Don’t Drive” Campaign

Apatin Brewery marked the 15th anniversary of the campaign “Kad pijem ne vozim“ (“When I Drink I Don’t Drive”)  and donated 600 reflective safety vests to the Traffic Police for the occasion. As before, the campaign focused on raising awareness of all traffic participants about responsible alcohol consumption and protecting human lives.

In addition to speeding, alcohol is the most common cause of traffic accidents, noted Vladimir Vida from the Traffic Police Administration: ‘This year, more than 32,000 drivers have already been stopped and excluded from traffic due to driving under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, the control of blood alcohol levels of drivers has become stricter and the plan is to additionally intensify this practice in the upcoming period,’ announced Vida.

He noted that evening and night hours are the periods when campaigns of detecting such drivers are executed, so the police checked the blood alcohol levels of drivers in one of the most frequent streets in Novi Beograd for one entire evening. Media had an opportunity to cover this campaign and those who were stopped agree that such controls are more than necessary.

Apatin Brewery Corporate Affairs Manager Slobodanka Cucić said that the Brewery, as a socially responsible company, is glad for the opportunity to assist the Traffic Police in their work, as they perform a highly important and responsible job. ‘In our campaign, media have been very relevant associates and partners all these years, helping it become increasingly visible in public and thus raise awareness of all people about responsible alcohol consumption,’ Cucić pointed out.


In the last 15 years, Apatin Brewery has donated more than EUR 130 000 and, in order to assist the Traffic Police in drivers’ testing on a larger scale, 50 000 alcometer mouthpieces and 135 most sophisticated alcometers, increasing security and safety of all traffic participants every day, have been donated to the Traffic Police in this entire period.


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