Jewelry in various forms, a chessboard, and figures made of tin sheets, a calligraphy pen, candlesticks, and flower pots, as well as original artworks, are only some of the items presented at today’s Recycling Bazaar, organized by Apatin Brewery within the “You Recycle Too” project.

Through this project, the brewery reminds people of the importance of recycling and proper disposal of packaging waste every year. The Recycling Bazaar is devised in cooperation with the Faculty of Applied Arts and the College of Fine and Applied Arts in order to present in an original manner that it is possible to create practical and artistic items from recycled materials, such as PET bottles and cans. All the items at Bazaar were for sale and the funds raised will be donated to these educational institutions.

In addition to students’ artworks, young fashion designer Milica Marinković created a special dress made of cans for this occasion, and Ivanka Stamenović, the founder of Ekobag, an environmentally-friendly company producing unique items from recycled PVC billboard foil, also presented her works.

“Recycling should be part of our everyday life. That is why our brewery has been educating people in various manners and reminding them of the significance of recycling within the “You Recycle Too” campaign for more than ten years now. Furthermore, responsible conduct focused on ecology and environmental protection is a way for our company to achieve one of the goals related to sustainability and environmental protection – to become a zero-waste company by 2025,” said Slobodanka Cucić, Corporate Affairs Manager in Apatin Brewery.

Students of the Faculty of Applied Arts and the College of Fine and Applied Arts created works of art from recycling materials donated by Apatin Brewery in previous days.

“Cooperation with Apatin Brewery within the “You Recycle Too” campaign was established several years ago. Today’s event indicates how true works of art, which may not only decorate space, but also remind of the importance of recycling, can be made from materials such as tin and plastic bottles,” said Marko Lađušić, a professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.
This year, students of the College of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade also expressed their creativity in designing and making practical items from recycled materials. According to the professors engaged in the project, the students were highly committed and some of them even designed garments.

“We are very honored and pleased that our college has joined the “You Recycle Too” this year. In addition to the message about the importance of recycling we communicated through this project, our students had a unique opportunity to present their work, including those who present for the first time, and thus gain invaluable experience,” said Irena Kelečević, a professor at the College of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade.

Visitors could see and buy interesting items made of recycled material within the Recycling Bazaar organized in the “X vitamin“ Gallery in Belgrade. Apatin Brewery purchased some of the items exhibited at the Recycling Bazaar and thus additionally supported the young artists.

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