Arte Gallery Belgrade – New exhibition display

ARTE Media, which operates ARTE Galleries, was founded in 2006 with the idea of promoting fine arts. Gallery’s activities are also directed towards contemporary practices and knowledge about management in culture and art with a focus on affirmation and promotion of the Serbian cultural and artistic scene in the world. The art program of ARTE gallery is based on works of high artistic value, established authors of Serbian and Yugoslav modern and contemporary art, presented through a rich collection of paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and objects of applied art, dating from the late 19th century to the present. We offer custom solutions for handling and transporting paintings, sculptures and other works of art to anywhere in the world safely and securely. In the previous decade, ARTE Gallery’s program included more than 50 solo exhibitions. The gallery is open to organizing exhibitions of international artists in Belgrade, in cooperation with Cultural centers, Embassies and Diplomatic representatives. ARTE collaborates with private collectors, and thanks to these cooperations, in 2009, the project “Collector as Curator and Selector” was launched, which was a product of the desire to popularize private collections in Serbia and to re-establish the practice of investing in works of art that represent lasting value and cultural heritage of one nation. In-house art experts are here to help all potential collectors in starting their own art collection with tips and practical advice. Decades of experience in galleries, auction houses and the art market made ARTE the best in creating cohesive art collections for any budget. In 2014, ARTE expanded it’s operations beyond the borders of Serbia by opening an exhibition space in the heart of Zurich. The Thalberg Gallery, specializing in contemporary European and American art, is located close to the Kunsthaus Museum. The symbiosis of business and culture, as a desirable model for the operation of successful businesses is increasingly taking place in the contemporary business environment. ARTE encourages financially stable companies to set aside a portion of their budget to form and enhance their art collection and it’s public display. ARTE Gallery is pleased to announce it’s new exhibition showcasing the main artists and movements in Yugoslav and Serbian art of the second half of the 20th century. The new exhibition showcases a wide variety of styles, ranging from New Figuration to Op Art. The visitors can see the works in two gallery spaces. At the end of December of 2019 ARTE Gallery has successfully conducted it’s 11th auction. The digital age has made it possible to reach a wider range of potential collectors, and ARTE sees the ever-increasing popularity of e-commerce as providing alternative possibilities for auctions, and opportunities for both our consignors and buyers. Those are some of the reasons why ARTE Gallery decited to organize it’s first online auction in the spring of 2020. Online auctions allow bidders to place their bids online 24 hours a day and from almost anywhere worldwide. Alongside the traditional saleroom auctions, these timed online auctions are designed for items with a broad international appeal.

ARTE Gallery

12, Andrićev venac

11000 Belgrade

Phone: +381 11 32 38 789

3, Kralja Milana, 11000 Belgrade

Phone: +381 63 63 81 47


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