Belgrade’s ARTE Gallery organized it’s annual auction exhibition in December of 2019, that featured 239 exceptional works of great artists from Serbia and former Yugoslavia. Emphasis was placed on the Yugoslav and Serbian works from the interwar and postwar period, but there were also works dating from the 19th century among the exhibited artifacts. After an extremely well visited pre-auction exhibition, marked by the painting Drunken Boat by Mladen Josić, presented to the audience for the first time since 1927, and the even more exciting auction, ARTE Gallery is organizing a post-auction exhibition sale. The post-auction exhibition will be held in the premises of the ARTE Gallery at 12 Andrićev venac Street and at 3 Kralja Milana Street in Belgrade. As every year, two weeks after the auction, visitors will have the opportunity to view works that have not yet found their owners, which deserve the attention of both art lovers and connoisseurs and collectors alike. The good news, for all those who were not able to participate in the auction, is that all the remaining works can be bought at starting prices, which are lower than regular gallery ones . When it comes to the auction itself, it should be mentioned that some of the works of well-known and highly respected authors have reached prices higher than estimated ones, which implies that the licitation for them was exciting, and the desire of individuals to get to certain works was really exceptional. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the auction champions have enriched their collections with museum pieces. We would like to distinguish certain works from our post-auction selection for art enthusiasts to keep an eye on: Self-portrait with a pink background by Marko Murat, who painted this remarkable painting in the 1940s, a historically very significant war painting: View of village Skočivir by Vasa Eškićević, portraits of Jovan Bjelić and Nikola Graovac by eachother as teacher and student, Still life (Tearing of Gray) by Mića Popović and the exceptional works of Stjepan Fjodorovič Kolesnikov, Paja Jovanović, Miloš Golubović, Boža Ilić, Ljubica Cuca Sokić, Petar Omčikus, Vladimir Veličković,…

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