Banca Intesa and Visa introducing the most prestigious payment card to the Serbian market

Banca Intesa, in cooperation with Visa, will be the first bank in Serbia to introduce Visa Infinite debit card whose added functionalities make it the most prestigious payment card in the domestic market and one of the most exclusive in the world.

Visa Infinite belongs to the group of premium debit cards. Its exclusivity and personal privileges have been designed to meet the requirements of clients whose life style or business needs request more. Along with standard functionalities, this card provides its holders with access to unique benefits and services, among the most important of which are concierge services that aim to give the clients personalized experience or services that can sometimes seem unavailable. Among others, those services include assistance in shopping and travel arrangements, ticket access for the most prestigious cultural, media and sport events globally, full support for applying to universities abroad, as well as priority access to medical services outside the country.

Furthermore, Visa Infinite card holders also have unlimited access to airport lounges across the world, global travel insurance, extension of the manufacturer’s or retailer’s warranty for goods purchased with this card, as well as purchase protection that provides short-term insurance against theft and accidental damage to goods bought.

We are a bank that constantly sets standards and by introducing Visa Infinite card to the Serbian market we will be in a position to offer a completely new dimension of service and superior benefits to a group of clients who need such service. Also, by expanding the service package available with debit cards we wish to show that along with their primary function of means of payment, debit cards can also create added value that follows the life style of their users“, said Darko Popovic, member of the Executive Board and Head of Retail Division at Banca Intesa.

Visa Infinity payment card is another in a series of novelties which Banca Intesa brought to the Serbian market in cooperation with Visa, the latest of which being contactless mobile payment service.

Visa continually innovates by enhancing its products, and services, and by bringing the benefits of cashless payments to cardholders in Serbia. On our Visa premium product – we provide unparalleled services and numerous advantages in categories such as travel, entertainment, shopping. We are pleased to launch the first Visa Infinite card in Serbia together with our longstanding partner – Banca Intesa. With its enhanced features, Infinite package will not only provide cardholders a safe and hassle-free alternative to cash; it will also delight the clients with its choice of premium lifestyle benefits. Designed to address the needs of affluent cardholders, the Visa Infinite caters to a sophisticated experience filled with freedom, access and convenience, offering smart, secure and convenient way to pay and enjoy cash free everyday life”, said Vladimir Djordjevic, Visa Regional Manager, SEE.

Banca Intesa is the leader in the Serbian payment card market with around 1.5 million issued payment cards and a 21.5 percent market share. The bank has a 24.9 percent share in the number of payment card transactions in the country and a 27.9 percent share in payment card turnover, as well as a 35.5 percent share in the number of payment card transactions abroad and a 27.9 percent share in turnover.

Visa cards account for as much as 78.7 percent of the total number of payment cards in Banca Intesa portfolio. At the end of the first half of the year, Visa cards accounted for 86.3 percent of the total number of Banca Intesa card transactions in the country and for 77.4 percent of turnover, while also making up 77.8 percent of transactions abroad and 57.8 percent of turnover.

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