Banca Intesa confirmed the leading position in e-commerce market: Growth in the number of transactions and turnover via e-commerce service

Serbian citizens performed more than 650,000 online transactions in 2016 using Banca Intesa e-commerce services, and merchants recorded more than RSD 3.5 billion of turnover. Growth in the number of transactions by 66% and turnover by 53% compared to 2015 confirmed Banca Intesa’s leading position in Serbian e-commerce market.

“Continuous work on improvement of quality and availability of services we provide to our clients enabled us to record an even higher number of e-commerce transactions last year and confirm our leading position in this market segment. In 2017, we expect more than a million transactions and turnover growth of more than RSD 4.5 billion. Moreover, it is our plan to include DinaCard card in our e-commerce service, as an addition to Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, and American Express payment cards,” said Darko Popović, member of Banca Intesa Executive Board and Head of Retail Division.

Banca Intesa was the first bank to introduce e-commerce service in Serbian market, back in 2007 when it enabled the citizens to perform online shopping. Safety of shopping in online stores is provided by 3D Secure system for authorization and charge of transactions. Besides CAP service, the system also provides an option for use of SMS OTP (SMS one-time password) payment authorization system for Visa and MasterCard cards during user verification. In addition to high level of security, Banca Intesa also made e-commerce simpler and more efficient to use.

Airline tickets have the biggest share in Banca Intesa e-commerce transactions, followed by tickets for culture events, house appliances and books, clothes and footwear, cosmetic products, and mobile telecommunication services.

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