BAT fulfills its goals in the field of innovation and development of new generation products

BAT organized a conference on digitalization and transformation of the tobacco industry

British American Tobacco (BAT) hosted an online conference dedicated to the digitalization and transformation of the tobacco industry, emphasizing the results of sustainable business and the development of innovative products of the new generation. The conference participants accentuated the importance of BAT’s business since entering the Serbian market, as well as the company’s contribution to the community in which it operates, while at the same time accomplishing sustainable development goals in accordance with the corporate strategy for achieving A Better Tomorrow.

The event was supported by The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS), while the president of PKS Marko Čadež emphasized the importance of the successful business of companies such as BAT for the country’s economic development and the influence of the tobacco industry on the results of the Serbian economy through investments, an inflow of excise and tax funds. “The Chamber cooperates with BAT in all areas important for business facilitation and improvement of the economic environment, including support for the application of innovations, digitalization, market transformation and traditional industry. The experiences and activities of BAT are valuable to us, as an example of good practice, not only in Serbia but also on a global and regional level”, said the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Čadež.

Marko Čadež, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS)

One of the speakers at the conference was also the director of BAT for Southeast Europe, Roberta Palazzetti,  who reminded participants that the primary goal and motto of the company is to contribute to building A Better Tomorrow. „BAT purpose is to build A Better Tomorrow. The focal point of our purpose is to reduce the health impact of our business by increasingly transitioning consumers and revenues from traditional tobacco cigarettes to new category products over time. We are doing so via a consumer-centric and multi-category approach that offers to adult smokers the widest range of enjoyable and less risky products thus reducing the impact on the health of our business. The transition to the new category products is going very well and very very fast. Today our new products are present in the 50 markets. At the end of 2020 more than 13.5 million consumers were using them every day. Apart from that, we have 1500 scientists that are working every day to develop, test and try the new category products”, Palazzetti pointed out.

Roberta Palazzetti, director of BAT for Southeast Europe

The director of BAT for Serbia and Montenegro, Milorad Krstikeski, addressed the excellent results of the company in the past 17 years of business in the Serbian market, which would not be possible without a highly professional workforce and people in all positions that make BAT. „This event is being held at a specific time when there are significant efforts and investments in transformation of the tobacco industry in the market of Serbia, but also the region. I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the employees of BAT which have contributed to this. I have been in a few countries working with BAT and I can say Serbia does have special people. I enjoy the experience of working with high professional and high-quality staff that are very dedicated. I believe that is a key ingredient of future growth, which Serbia has a lot of potentials to have. In BAT we do have a non-negotiable stance which is to keep investing in our people permanently and by doing so we want to be prepared for the future and all the forthcoming challenges connected to global digitalization“, Krstikeski added.

Milorad Krstikeski, director of BAT for Serbia and Montenegro

During the conference, it was concluded that BAT will continue to invest in innovation and the complete transformation of its business as one of its main priorities. In addition to developing new, and upgrading already existing next-generation products, the company will remain a reliable partner of the Serbian economy, supported by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the State, while transparently defining a regulatory framework.

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