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A problem that we need to recognize and solve

In Serbia, every tenth child lives in deep poverty, which means that as many as 120,000 children live below the poverty line. These children do not have the opportunity to get an education or to lay the foundations for their future. A lack of support and resources can leave them without the opportunity to develop their talents and abilities. Instead of ending up in concert halls, many of them face the risk of falling out of the system and ending up on the street, without education or perspective.

The solution we offer

We have recognized this pressing issue and are working to make a difference in the lives of children who face these challenges. Through a free group music learning program, MAP gives children the chance to find their voice and express themselves through music. These music lessons encourage social inclusion, giving children a sense of belonging and support.

A story about children who shine

Meet Aleksandar, Filip and Valentina Trajković, young talents who live in a Roma settlement in Zemun.

Their story testifies to an unshakable spirit and the will to overcome difficulties. Their mother left them a few years ago, leaving Valentina as the only female person in the family. Aleksandar and Filip help their father, who suffers from diabetes.

The Trajković family has not resolved the housing issue and currently lives in a house where they can be evicted at any moment. Poverty and constant moving made school progress difficult for Aleksandar and Filip.

Aleksandar, Filip and Valentina achieved great success thanks to the “Music of Hope” program. They joined the program in 2019. and are members of the program’s youth percussion ensemble and choir, but at the same time, they are an example of how art and education can change lives.

But their story is just one of many. They represent 200 students of “Branko Pešić” elementary school among thousands of children who deserve the opportunity to show their talents and change their lives.

Together we can change these destinies – DONATE AND GIVE EVERY CHILD A CHANCE.

In order to help them get out of the cycle of poverty, the support of the whole society is needed. Our donors have already achieved a lot, but together we can do even more. We hereby invite you to support our donor campaign “Be a part of Hope”.



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Education is key to change, and successful social cohesion and represents one of the basic human rights. Our children deserve the opportunity to realize their dreams and become equal members of society. Let’s help them make a bright future a reality.


The play “Children”

In addition to many successes and concerts, children from the “Music of Hope” program have the opportunity to participate in the performance of the play “Children” at the National Theater. This play, based on the lines of the novel of the same name by Milena Marković, provides not only a challenge but also an opportunity for children to show their talent on the big stage. Choir tracks are performed by our “Choir of Hope”. This is a big event both for the children from the “Music of Hope” program and for us as an organization.

“Aleksandar and I quickly quarrelled and made up, but not even an hour passed and we were laughing and enjoying the music. The music influenced me, I was quiet and kept everything to myself, and now I know how to open up.”, Valentina Trajković, percussionist of Music of Hope.

Support education, support the future!

Your support is crucial so that these children finish their education and gain opportunities for a different, better future. Let’s be the change we want to see together, and let these children become part of society in the way they deserve.

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