Beer Fest Starts With Best Man Jezda And Lav Popcorns

The biggest beer event in our country, Belgrade Beer Fest, opened its doors for all those who loved the beer and good music, and at the opening, LAV organised a meeting with its acclaimed Best Man for all visitors of the LAV booth!


On the first day of this year’s Belgrade Beer Festival of beer, LAV brand has delighted its fans with the appearance of the Best Man Jezda who promoted LAV popcorns which perfectly complemented the chilled LAV beer, and interesting games made this night a true lion’s night.

“As soon as I arrived at Beer Fest, I went to the LAV booth – because the “Best man is not a button” as the Serbian proverb says! Since I learned to use the beer pouring machine, I served the guests and shared the LAV popcorns. Because corn has no place in LAV beer, but goes well with it. Tonight we created a real film atmosphere and played a quiz in which guests were invited to guess my imitations of some famous movies. And it seems that in addition to good beer, “lavopije”, the LAV-drinkers, understand the film well” says Nenad Jezdić, in good mood.


This year’s Beer Fest will be held from 17th to 21th August at the well-known place, and the LAV beer will not miss another opportunity to provide its fans a little more than pleasure of drinking a great beer. The New LAV consists of 4 gift of nature – barley, hops, water and yeast and it is prepared and chilled to all visitors of its booth.


All guests who visit the Beer Fest LAV booth during the whole festival, will receive a gift and a bag of LAV popcorn for every three purchased LAV beers!

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