Bekament invests 12 Million Euros in new factory facilities

Bekament Company opened a new factory for styrofoam production in Aranđelovac and launched two new production lines within the liquid program, while also marking 30 years of operation Bekament Factory Complex

In 2013 – Renowned company Bekament, one of the most technologically state-of-the-art companies for the production of materials for final construction works, inaugurated a new factory for the production of styrofoam and two new production lines within the liquid program. With investments totalling 12 million euros, the company further strengthened its market position and justified its reputation as a leader in this part of Southeast Europe.

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The new styrofoam factory ranks as the most modern facility in Europe with an automated process of operation. It is an investment of 8 million euros, and the factory’s annual production capacity will be 250,000 million cubic meters. The launch of the new plant enables the creation of 40 new jobs within the company. A significant contribution to the realization of this large project is made by the Ministry of Economy, which awarded 867,934 euros in incentive funds to Bekament. In addition, Bekament company has invested in the liquid program factory, expanding its existing capacities by launching two new lines for the production of façade mortar and BK-Pol paint for internal walls. With a given investment of 4 million euros, Bekament will be able to produce 70 tonnes of liquid products per hour with an annual production capacity of 150,000 tonnes and therefore, raising the standard of delivery speed and quality of service fully meets the needs of distributors/customers.

“By continuously investing in new factory plants and expanding the network of business partners, Bekament strengthens its market position year after year and registers a 20% turnover growth, contributing to the stability of the Serbian economy, as well as employment rates, since we have also created 40 new jobs due to the launch of new plants,” said Aleksandar Čolović, owner of Bekament. During the ceremony marking the opening of new factory plants, press statements were made by The Minister of Economy, Anđelka Atanasković, and the owner and CEO of Bekament, Dejan Čolović. “Bekament company is a true example of excellent family firms and their success is very important for the domestic economy. The ministry of the economy always helps domestic companies to grow them and the growth of the state, but also to provide new jobs for our children to stay in Serbia,” Minister Atanasković said.

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“Over the past 30 years, The Bekament Company has invested about 100 million euros in the factory and facilities itself. We will continue to invest in the development of the company and the Serbian economy, the plan is to expand our already rich portfolio into even more European Union markets. I would like to thank the Ministry of Economy, which recognized Bekament as one of the pillars of the domestic economy and for the contribution that is important both morally and financially,” said Dejan Čolović, owner and CEO of Bekament. The current year is also the year of the jubilee when Bekament company celebrates 30 years of its successful business. Since its inception in 1992, the country has been in a state of until today, Bekament has transformed into a strong domestic company that owns state-of-the-art factory facilities and a portfolio of over 250 products that market over 10 markets in the region and the European Union. More than 500 employees are responsible for The Bekament Company’s business successes.

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