BEORUNNERS Gathers over 100 fans of running

BEO SHOPPING CENTER and Mihail Dudaš inspire you to have healthy habits and socialize

On Saturday, BEO Shopping Center and our celebrated athlete Mihail Dudaš officially presented the BEOrunners running programme in Belgrade. This is a completely free running programme that is held every Saturday, and anyone who loves running  can take part. The first training session was attended by more than seventy runners out of 116 registered, who, under the supervision of Dudaš and his coaches, enjoyed outdoor running along the BEO Shopping Center – Šumice Park – the BEO Center route. On the occasion, the first membership cards were distributed, which will prompt participants to achieve their running goals and who are also entitled to valuable discounts on the range of sports equipment and supplements sold at the BEO Shopping Center.

“I am very satisfied with the level of energy and enthusiasm that people showed during the first training session and their desire to take a new step towards healthy habits. BEO Shopping Center, coaches and I did our best to additionally motivate the runners and I am confident that Saturday will become a synonym for BEOrunners”, said Mihail Dudaš after the first training session.

BEOrunners is a free running programme intended for both total beginners in running, who have not tried this recreational-athletic discipline so far, as well as advanced beginners who have practised some recreational sports or have run 5km, 10km or even a half marathon on their own accord. The programme intends to create active runners out of them.

We would like to invite everyone who wants to be part of the BEOrunners team, to join us on Saturday, August 28th, at 10 am, at the second training session, which begins on the plateau in front of the BEO Shopping Center. All you have to do is message your application on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the BEO Shopping Center.


The BEOrunners running programme is an annual, group outdoor exercise programme and is open to anyone aged 18 to 65. Training sessions take place on Saturdays from 10 am, and last from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the category of runners. Runners jog along the predefined route from the BEO Shopping Center and all around the Šumice Park and back to the BEO Shopping Center. The training sessions start with a warm-up on the plateau in front of the BEO Shopping Center, after which the running starts, and end with stretching at the starting location. In this way, participants are given a comprehensive programme thanks to which they will develop healthy habits, which will help them strengthen and improve their physical shape and overall health, and at the same time, have great fun in great company and with people who share similar interests.

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