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The Serbian Chamber of Commerce presented the new company on the business map Serbia – SPECTRA, which after several years of successful work in Germany, now operates in Serbia. SPECTRA is focused on the employment of workers from Serbia in Germany, primarily to doctors, nurses and medical technicians. For them, already at this time provided more than a thousand jobs in cooperation with the German Agency for Employment.


It should be noted that not SPECTRA recruitment agency, does not operate a system fee, but is the direct employer, serious and respectable partner and a bridge between the economies of Serbia and Germany. Spectra GmbH, headquartered in Bochum, is one of the leading companies in Europe in the field of medicine care. Since Germany by the end of this decade in the field of medical care will miss almost 220,000 skilled workers and our citizens have the image of valuable workers, it opens the door to hundreds of nurses and hospital staff. Spectra GmbH has immediate demand for 1,350 people in the fields of medicine. So far in Serbia Spectra hired 87 nurses, and another 450 are awaiting. However, these numbers are constantly changing, because always new candidates and new receivables for cooperation partners (clinics, homes and hospitals).

Učesnici na konferenciji Spectra- konferencija
“Due to the unfavourable demographic situation in the countries of Western Europe for a long time he feels an increased need for adequate medical care of the elderly population. In Serbia, on the other hand, there is relatively high unemployment rate in these occupations. ” said Miguel Nieto Muina, Managing Director of the parent company Spectra GmbH. Beside him, the promotion was also addressed by Monija Počeković, director of Spectra Group resources doo, Spectre GmbH representative office in Serbia; Darko Isakov, human resources manager at Spectra GmbH parent company; Miloje Orlovicć, lawyer and licensed manager for employment and Alma Lukić, economist and lecturer of the German language. In addition to workers in the field of medicine, Spectra GmbH currently employs about 400 workers in the sector of logistics, maintenance of buildings (facility management), security of refugee camps, cleaning, monitoring … The representatives of the German Embassy, ​​the German Chamber of Commerce, national employment services, the Ministry of Labour and many others, attended the gala presentation led by Dejan Pantelić.

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