BEZ “E” – MLEKARA ŠABAC Campaign Wins Significant UEPS AWARDS

Belgrade, December 29th 2021 – The  Association for Market Communications of Serbia (UEPS) awarded this year its traditional recognitions and awards to agencies, companies and institutions – for the best and most professional campaigns.

Mlekara Šabac’s campaign BEZ “E”, designed in cooperation with the Block & Roll Agency, won two significant awards – the Silver Award in the Category of Integrated Promotion Campaign, for food, and the Bronze Award for Online Marketing Campaign.

“Sirko and A la Kajmak are well-known, traditional brands in Serbia. However, what was far less known is that they are completely natural products, without additives and other preservatives, exactly in line with the expectations of today’s customer. This unexpected combination of traditional, well-known taste and modern trend of natural nutrition, inspired us to design a campaign that spoke about it in a simple, direct vocabulary, with humour that naturally belongs to communication between close friends. We are very grateful that Mlekara Šabac had an understanding for the “less is more” approach and the courage to step out of some common expectations of what the advertisement “should” look like”, says Svetlana Ćopić, creative director at Block & Roll (B&R).

This campaign drew a lot of attention from the general and professional public, with both its creative and educational approach to how important it is to carefully read and understand the declarations on the products we consume every day. The campaign recently won the Statute “KAMPANJE SA SVRHOM” for 2021, within the Festival of Socially Responsible Communication in Serbia and the Association “Žute Patalone” – Initiative for the Study of Childhood and the Concept of Incubator of Social Responsibility.

“The old rule was confirmed this time as well – if you have fun and enjoy yourself while designing and creating a campaign, that enthusiasm and joy is transferred to those for whom the campaign is intended. The reactions were great, people shared the campaign on their own profiles en masse, which is extremely rare. For us, this is another indicator – people may be oversaturated with advertisements, but they are eager for messages that resonate with them, respecting their sense of humor and intelligence and invite them to participate in the communication game”, adds Svetlana Ćopić from B&R.

The campaign BEZ “E” highlighted in an interesting, educational and simple way, the quality of Mlekara Šabac products, recognized for decades in Serbian, but in numerous markets around the world as well.

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