Big wins for Bernie Sanders in Washington, Hawaii, Alaska caucuses

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders achieved his goal of a trifecta in Saturday’s caucuses to chip away at Hillary Clinton’s lead by winning the states of Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska by huge margins.

In the biggest contest of the night with 101 delegates at stake, the Pacific Northwest state of Washington was called for Sanders after he was leading by a huge margin, garnering 72.7 percent of the vote. In one county, almost 90 percent of ballots were cast for Sanders.


His first win of the night was Alaska race, where he picked up at least nine of the state’s delegates.

Hawaii, one of President Barack Obama’s “home” states, was also a big win for the Vermont senator, earning 70.6 percent of the vote versus Clinton’s 29. percent.

With progressive cities like Seattle, which recently elected its own socialist city council member, Kshama Sawant, Sanders supporters in Washington hoped for a big turn out in support of the Vermont senator. And they got it.

Saturday’s win marks the best night of the campaign thus far for Sanders, who has cut into Clinton’s lead in the Democratic presidential nomination race.

“We are making significant inroads in Secretary Clinton’s lead,” Sanders told his supporters in Madison, Wisconsin. “We have a path toward victory.”

“Don’t let anybody tell you we can’t win the nomination or the general election,” Sanders added. “We are going to do both.”

However, it still looks like an uphill battle for the Vermont Senator, as he needs to scoop up two-thirds of the remaining delegates to catch Clinton.

In the meantime, Clinton has shifted her campaign towards Republican front-runner Donald Trump in anticipation of a potential face-off in the general election on November

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