Bioethanol, Fuel of the Future: CRVENKA the future leader in production of ‘green oil’

Considering its available capacities and capabilities, the factory in Crvenka has a great opportunity of becoming the leader in production of sugar and ‘green oil’ in Southeast Europe

Following the liberalization of the sugar market, over 80 sugar plants were closed in the EU, while, out of a total of 174 sugar plants in Ukraine, only 55 remain in operation. More than 20 sugar plants have been closed down in Italy, and out of 8 sugar plants in Hungary, only one remains. Following its accession to the EU, sugar production in Bulgaria died down completely, while the only sugar plant in Slovenia has been turned into a bioethanol factory. The neighbouring Romania never had a strong sugar production, while the only remaining sugar plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina has declared bankruptcy. The only remaining big sugar producers in the region are now Serbia and Croatia. One fifth of the EU population gravitates towards our country, which, in numbers, is over 110 million consumers, a huge market indeed. PR Manager of Hellenic Sugar, Dr Christos Alexopoulos points out that Serbia can remain the regional leader in sugar industry because of its long tradition and profitable production. Lack of sugar factories in neighbouring countries like Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, means that, in effect, Serbia has no competition. Even after it joins the EU, Serbia will manage to maintain its position as sugar producer. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has singled out environmental protection as one of the priorities of the EU policy. The first draft of the EU2015/652 law stipulates reduction in emission of gases, while the supplements to the second draft of the EU2015/1513 law stipulate the quality standards for petrol and oil. The third draft of the 3554/2002 law, with included changes and supplements, an particularly its article 15a, stipulates improvement of the quality of biodiesel through the use of biofuel as a promoter of utilization of renewable energy resources. PR Manager of Hellenic Sugar, Dr Christos Alexopoulos adds that both Hellenic Sugar and the Sugar Plant in Crvenka, both as socially responsible

companies, pay a great deal of attention to environmental protection, which is why they use natural gas as their basic energy product. With the view of new trends in the environmental protection goals, the company is writing a study that will propel it into the new age while following global trends and creating opportunities for the production of bioethanol. Due to the large fluctuations in the sugar price and the obligation to mix bioethanol with fossil fuels, the Crvenka factory, given its capacities and available capabilities, has a great opportunity of becoming the leader of South Eastern Europe in the production of sugar and ‘green oil’.

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