BIS – Leading the Way

In this the 20th anniversary of the British International School (BIS) we are proud of the exciting learning culture that has been developed here

BIS prides itself on the quality of teaching that takes place in the school. Following the British curriculum, students from 4 to 18 years old can learn to the best of their ability. Whether they are learning their first few words, or taking A Levels to get into university our highly-qualified teachers focus on the needs of each student.
With formal, externally marked examinations at the end of Primary (Year 6), in Year 9, and the IGCSEs and A Levels our results demonstrate that our students as capable of achieving high scores as the best in the UK. We are proud to say that all students leaving BIS enter universities of their choice.

However, at BIS, we also focus on other areas of student’s development. From taking them to museums when they are 5 through to taking mountaineering when they are 18, there are many opportunities for students to take part in other non-curriculum events both during, and after school hours.

With regular visitors to our weekly assemblies from embassies at BIS students get a feel of the world beyond. Students themselves regularly take part in assemblies, thus developing their own self-esteem and abilities to perform within and to a group

With a family-feel to the school, students are more than welcoming to new students. Come along and see why so many students, from all over the world enjoy the education on offer at BIS.

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