Bojana Momčilov, Mlekoprodukt’s Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager: With digitalization to more efficient business

As a result of making the most of digital communications, Mlekoprodukt has modernized its business in a short period and raised communication with its consumers to a higher level.

Bojana Momčilov, Mlekoprodukt’s Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Digitalization and innovations in campaign management marked the previous period in the Mlekoprodukt Company, the Serbian subsidiary of the international group Savencia Fromage & Dairy. The process of digitalization of communications in the company during the past period has been swiftly completed. Not only have internal communications been switched to digital network, but Mlekoprodukt’s team has shown that it is possible to run extremely effective market campaigns on fully digitalized platforms. We talked about the challenges and successes achieved in that process with Bojana Momčilov, Mlekoprodukt’s Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, who said that Mlekoprodukt made a very quick decision to completely transfer communications and campaigns such as Biser Nutri Academy #PositiveFood into digital form in changed business circumstances.

„We used digital communication channels to reach a large number of people and encourage healthy eating habits, and that proved to be a very important strategic move,“ Ms. Momčilov points out.

Your innovative project, Biser Nutri Academy #PositiveFood, is a great success, although it was not initially conceived on digital platforms. How hard was it to switch to the new format?

During the implementation of the Biser Nutri Academy #PositiveFood project, we used all the advantages of digital technologies and managed to push the boundaries in education on the topic of healthy nutrition of children. The Biser Nutri Academy #PositiveFood was initially designed as an educational campaign about the healthy, responsible and balanced nutrition of children through fun, play and song. Originally, it was a kind of caravan that toured larger cities in Serbia with a team of experts, an ambassador, a children’s choir and a chef. However, having become a completely digital campaign, the Biser Nutri Academy #PositiveFood began to broadcast on social media in the form of a culinary show, which combined healthy and delicious recipes with the advice of doctors, a paediatrician and a nutritionist. The response and achieved results were beyond all our expectations. The number of our followers on social media broke all records. We try to maintain and improve communication with our audience through online conferences, with funny content, games and tips on proper nutrition.

Your company is known for its exceptional commitment to corporate social responsibility and you are one of the first companies in Serbia to strongly commit to CSR programs. Has the digitalization process affected the way you maintain the level of social responsibility and communication with the environment, but also with your employees?

Throughout the process, digitalization has actually helped us better define our messages and communicate more easily. Recently, the Savencia Group held a digital forum with over two hundred participants from more than a hundred countries. A whole week during the forum was dedicated to the sustainable development program and socially responsible business, which is implemented in our group under the title Oxygen. At the forum, Serbia presented the Biser Nutri Academy #PositiveFood, which was extremely well received. The digital concept of the campaign we set up here was used as an example of good practice in promoting healthy and responsible nutrition. Also, since our campaigns are translated into English, everything we do becomes easily and permanently available to audiences outside Serbia. Mlekoprodukt also has the WorkPlace platform for internal communications which took on its full meaning and gained use-value while becoming an indispensable channel for information exchange.

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