The Belgrade Open School celebrated 25 years of its successful work on Wednesday, November 7, at the “Stadion Hall” hall in Belgrade. At the celebration, the atmosphere was embellished by more than 600 partners, donors, alumni and friends of the organization, who, through numerous programmatic and multimedia content and addressing representatives of the organization, had the opportunity to experience the unique retrospective of BOS’s development since its inception in 1993.

The jubilee of the organization was marked under the theme “25 Years of Story about People”, pointing to the special contribution that BOS associates, partners, donors, and alumni have had in creating and pursuing initiatives for a better future based on freedom, knowledge, and innovation.

The host of the event was Dragan Ilic, an alumnus of the first generation of BOS’s main education programme, who after the opening of the celebration gave the word to the General Director, Vesna Djukic. Recalling the conditions that motivated the “group of enthusiasts”, the founders of the organization and the initiators of the development of an innovative and noble project, Vesna Djukic referred to the beginnings of BOS and the people who built it in the following period.

“We wanted to create one special, alternative place, one spiritual oasis, where we will gather, educate and connect curious, open, brave – those who are willing to change knowledge and education both themselves and the society in which they live and build a better future for all of us. And so, on the 16th floor of Beogradjanka, we started our story, the story of the Belgrade Open School, the story about people.”

A special part of the program was dedicated to the Alumni Network of the main one-year educational program of the Belgrade Open School. Ivana Ilic Sunderic and Nevena Milojevic, the newly elected President and Deputy Chairperson of the Network, had their appeal, and, as the main task for their mandate, have set the systematization of a series of concrete initiatives and activities that will be implemented in the future work of the BOS Alumni Network.

“There are 17 generations between Ivana and me, which speaks of the duration of the BOS, but also the ability of this network to connect people through generations in a wonderful way, encouraging them for cooperation and new friendships.”

In addition, the six-month online competition for the “Golden Generation” within BOS Alumni Network, aimed at intra- and intergenerational networking of alumni, ended with a symbolic medal award ceremony for representatives of the 12th generation of students.

The audience was also addressed by Vladimir Pavicevic, a well-known face of the School, an alumnus and former employee of BOS, who, through the story of his personal journey with Belgrade Open School, from a student to an associate and a friend of the organization, shared BOS’ supporting and nurturing spirit that was being transmitted to all those who constitute BOS.

The executive director of BOS, Milorad Bjeletic, made the closing address, in which he made a review of the strategic development of BOS, its current structure and goals, as well as the direction in its future development.

“Firmly holding to the values and principles, BOS strives to be the voice of reason, above current political disputes, a voice that is not usually heard in our loud, noisy public debates. From 2015, through a new strategic plan, BOS has three long-term goals and stands on three pillars: human resources development, improvement of public policies and strengthening the capacities of the public, civil and business sectors.”

On this occasion BOS also became richer for another 24 alumni and alumni, graduates of the 25th generation of the educational programme of the Study of the Future, which officially graduated from the study and became a part of the BOS Alumni Network.

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