Brazilian farewell party for our Olympians

Jaffa Cakes and Olympic Committee of Serbia made an unusual farewell party for the Serbian Olympic Team to the Olympic Games in Brazil in an atmosphere inspired by the spirit of Rio de Janeiro, with the sounds of samba, capoeira and Brazilian dancers.

Ispracaj olimpijaca u Rio na Olimpijske igre

The representatives of Jaffa and Serbian athletes lit the Olympic torch and thus symbolically wished a safe journey and a successful competition in Rio. Juan Oliveira Monfin, Secretary of the Embassy of Brazil, wished a lot of the success and medals for our Olympians.

Zivko Gocic, kapiten vaterpolo reprezentacije i Aleksandra Lekovic, brend menadzer Jaffe Bojan Knezevic, generalni direktor Jaffa Crvenka Djordje Visacki, OKS Huan Olivieira Bomfin, sekretar ambasade Brazila Ispracaj olimpijaca u Rio de Zaneiro Ispracaj olimpijaca u Rio de Zaneiro_Jaffa i Olimpijski komitet Simbolicno paljenje baklje

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