“Brewery Museum Georg Weifert” marked the 295th birthday of the Old Pančevo Brewery

The birthday party was held at the Fire Hall in Old Weifert brewery in Pančevo. In preparing to mark three centuries of the brewery, this ceremony was dedicated to Abraham Kepis, the pioneer of brewing in the Balkans.

Pivara Pančevo (4)

Birthday party was attended by special guests: H. E. Dr. Attila Pinter, Hungarian Ambassador to Serbia, János Dezse, Advisor for Culture, Collegium Hungaricum, Belgrade, Stefan Imre, counsellor of Economy, Embassy of Romania in Serbia, Jovan Stojić, Deputy Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar N . Denda, counselor for economic development of Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of trade, tourism and telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia, Mr Vuk V. Radojević, Provincial Secretary for agriculture, forestry and Water Management, Danilo Golubović, advisor to the Minister Jadranka Joksimović for the common Agricultural policy, a member of the Negotiating team for negotiations on the accession of Serbia to the European Union and the godfather of the George W. Brewery. H. E. Dr. Attila Pinter continuing the action “Beer connects us all”, which was last year started by H. E. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador to Serbia, brewed his own beer to be sold to charity. The hosts birthday were Karoly Ranc, chairman of the city committee of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians and the Assistant Mayor of Pančevo and Siniša Janković, president of the Association of Citizens’ Brewery Museum Georg Weifert , Pančevo.

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