Brexit morning briefing: a new prime minister arrives at No 10

Source: The Guardian

After David Cameron bids farewell, Theresa May will seek permission from the Queen to form Her Majesty’s next government.

Theresa May will move into 10 Downing Street today.
Theresa May will move into 10 Downing Street today. Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images

David Cameron will take his final PMQs at 12, bid farewell to MPs and his staff in Downing Street before heading to the palace to formally resign. Immediately after, Theresa May will repeat the journey to the palace seeking permission to form Her Majesty’s next government. She’s likely to make some comments on the steps of No 10 before formally announcing her first cabinet.

David Cameron
David Cameron will answers MPs’ questions in the House of Commons for the last time and go to Buckingham Palace to offer his resignation to the Queen. Photograph: Philip Toscano/PA

Relief, meanwhile, gives way to celebration for Jeremy Corbyn’s inner circle as the Labour leader looks forward to being on the ballot in an upcoming contest against Angela Eagle – and a late entry from Owen Smith.

Labour MPs are determined that there should be only one candidate that takes on Corbyn to maximise the chance of winning, with a number preferring Smith. It is understood that he will wade into the debate this morning.

Does anyone have a Brexit plan yet?

Not quite, although surely it’s getting closer. If anyone is likely to have one, it’ll be the man or woman whom Theresa (“Brexit means Brexit”) May will name as the government’s new Brexit minister. May’s spokesperson has said that work was already under way to set up a new department dedicated to negotiating Britain’s exit from the EU.

“Civil servants have already been charged with finding a building to house the Brexit department – an indication of Theresa’s commitment to get on with delivering the verdict of the EU referendum. Brexit means Brexit and we’re going to make a success of it,” she has said.

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