Business optimism in Serbia is encouraging

Business and investment optimism with which small and medium enterprises in Serbia, especially businessmen who cooperate with Germany, is high. The SME businessmen welcomed the new year 2017 at a very good and encouraging level, according to a survey – ProOptimist index, surevyed by the ProCredit Bank in cooperation with research GFK agency.

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According to the survey, 52.6 percent of small and medium enterprise (SME) is positive in terms of their business and the business climate in Serbia over the next year, while as many as 63.2 percent of companies that cooperate with Germany believes that the 2017. year will be good for their business (last year the forecasts had 57.8 percent of these companies).
The fact is that we live and operate in a very challenging market environment and we consider encouraging fact that about 30 percent of entrepreneurs in Serbia plans new investments in 2017” – said Igor Anić, a member of the Executive Board of ProCredit Bank.

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