Business people again assessed business conditions in Serbia

German and Serbian companies, as well as other members of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, have positively assessed the economic climate in Serbia, expressed positive expectations in their own business, satisfaction with the labor market, and 85% of participating companies would invest in Serbia again.

This year also pointed to the need for a more intensive fight against corruption, as well as strengthening legal certainty and transparency in public procurement. The results of a survey conducted by the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce in February in Serbia show that the assessment of the economic situation in Serbia for the year 2018 is improving compared to the previous years, it was stressed today at a press conference of the Chamber of Journalists of this Chamber. Half of the respondents considered the economic situation as satisfactory, and 12% of respondents even say it is good. However, 38% of respondents saw no improvement and believe that the economic situation in relation to 2017 could worsen in Serbia. It is important to emphasize that companies assess their own business better than the general business climate.

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