CarGo donated 1.3 million dinars to Radovan Samardzic with cerebral palsy

President of the Civil Association “CarGo” Aleksandar Vučić has delivered a cheque in the amount of 1.315.000 dinars to Radovan Samardžić with cerebral palsy, who previously contacted the Association and asked for help.

“His struggle is our inspiration. Because of that, we decided to help him. We ordered electromotive wheelchair, which should be arrived from Germany in less than a month, and after that Radovan will be able to move easier”, said Vucic during his visit to the family Samardzic in Smederevo.

Vučić has said that he is very proud of the Association and all its members because together they have managed to help someone who needs a help.

CarGo has provided the entire amount for Radovan. Nearly a million dinars are used for the electromotive wheelchair which will make Radovan’s life much easier, and the rest of the money of 315 thousand dinars will be intended for its spa rehabilitation.

“We are here to enable people to move, to cross distances safely and quickly, so that no one in our country would stand, or be stopped. Unfortunately, taxi drivers are blocking the streets by protesting, and daily, they are blackmailing and threatening to our members. We will respond with humanity, by enabling everyone to move without any boundaries and obstacles”, Vučić said.

He has emphasized that he is very proud of the Association, which covers the entire amount for the electromotive wheelchair, without the assistance of the National Health Insurance.

Vučić has expressed his regret that the taxi drivers did not even respond to a request to take part in a charity operation and invited them to join in the further charitable actions of the Association, so they can help the citizens, and not harass them by blocking the streets of Belgrade.

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