CarGo is expanding beyond the borders of Serbia: A Serbian company arrives in Switzerland

The Serbian company CarGo, which has more than a million vehicles running in Belgrade so far, will expand its operations from mid-December to Switzerland. Zurich is the first city in which CarGo applications will be available, and the collaboration was concluded with the famous Swiss carrier “Züri taxi 7×2”.


Director of CarGo company Vuk Guberinić and owner of “Züri taxi 7×2” Cihan Cevik signed today the Agreement on Cooperation, which made the application CarGo the first time to expand its operations to the Western European market.
After signing the agreement, Guberinić said that citizens of Zurich will be exclusively transported to hybrid cars and that he is proud that CarGo, as the Serbian brand, is becoming recognizable around the world.

“The goal of our company is to export our minds and solutions to which engineers, designers and developers from Serbia work … We are pleased that the world begins to recognize our application, which will now be found alongside the most famous applications in the world that provide transport service, “said Guberinić.

He pointed out that this is a great day for CarGo and that he is very proud of the established cooperation.
“Switzerland is a landscaped country and we are very proud that the company from a regulated and developed country has accepted our way of doing business,” said Guberinić, adding that this is only the first step towards expanding the business of the previously announced investment cycle.


Cevik said he was very happy with the long-term cooperation because he believes that with the CarGo application it will improve the transport service offered to the citizens of Zurich.

“Our company exists in Switzerland for 35 years and we want it to develop, especially technologically. That’s why we are very happy that we can use the CarGo application as our partner, “said Cevik, adding that” CarGo is a well-known Serbian brand and a great new technology, extremely competitive, which can pave the way for Uber. ”
Cevik pointed out that “Züri taxi” is a trademark of the city of Zurich and will be the first in the canton of Zurich to cooperate with an application such as CarGo, which will be a novelty on the market.

“In addition to numerous well-known global transportation applications, we have decided on CarGo because we believe that we will improve our services with them and thus preserve customers in a very competitive and developed market,” he said.

CarGo was founded in Belgrade in 2015. To date, the Google Apps and App Store application has been taken 180,000 times, and 250 companies have established cooperation with CarGo Company, thus providing their employees with a safer and more convenient mode of transport.

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