Carlsberg has reproduced the first lager beer in the world

By applying sophisticated techniques, Laboratory Research Dept of the company Carlsberg has once again produced i.e. recreated the first lager beer in the world according to the original yeast which revolutionised beer production process back in 1883. Surprisingly, the yeast has survived 133 years in the bottle of beer hidden one in the old brewery cellars , and a leading brewing experts are now able to re-produce beers that are considered to be the precursor of today’s most stock.


Once upon a time, the brewing process was quite unpredictable, because it often resulted in the phenomenon of “beer sickness.” However, in 1883 Carlsberg Laboratory research has improved the quality of the beer its groundbreaking discovery of pure yeast, enabling the production of a quality beer from each production cycle. Carlsberg was then distributed for free the method of the pure yeast with all producers of beer. Most of today’s brands of lager beer originate precisely from this yeast, but for this, the Carlsberg brewery has received a letter of thanks from some of their today’s largest competitors.


“Without this there would be no yeast beer, which today accounts for 90% of the world market,” said Martin Kornel, a leading historian of the British brewing industry.

Scientists at the Carlsberg Laboratories recently made an astounding discovery in old cellars of the company in Copenhagen – a few bottles of one of the oldest Carlsberg beer produced from the original pure yeast back in 1883, which resisted the “ravages of time” after a year of extensive research when they realised that the co-extracted yeast cell are still alive.


In honour of 140th anniversary of the Carlsberg Research Laboratories, the leading laboratory scientists and brewers produced again the world’s first lager beer in the most authentic way, using the original pure yeast and exactly the same recipe, ingredients and production techniques as in 1883. This achievement is a testimony to the historical discoveries of Carlsberg laboratories, as well as its present unsurpassed quality and features.

President of the Carlsberg Foundation and the Carlsberg Laboratory Board Commissioner for Research, Professor Fleming Bezenbaher, says: “The laboratory is known for some of the most important discoveries of the last century and is the brightest jewel of the Carlsberg treasury. The first quality lager in the world is today re-produced in honour of the historic discovery of today’s laboratories and their capabilities. “


For the first time, after more than 100 years, men and women will be able to taste a beer that not only was the forerunner of today’s most beers, but also the embodiment of the unique capabilities of the Carlsberg Research laboratory.

Steve Hindi, President and co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery, said on the occasion of this discovery: “The ability to access the archive of Carlsberg and re-produce the original old beer is very exciting, I cannot wait to try it.”

A film dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the laboratory, see the following link:

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