Casablanca Party in Belgrade

Inspired by the cult film Casablanca, Diplomacy & Commerce magazine and Color Media Communications organized a cocktail evening at the House of King Peter I on Senjak in Belgrade

In the beautiful garden of the house, whose every corner reminded the guests of the scene from the film, guests had the opportunity to enjoy the Open Air cinema, hookahs from the bar “Divan”, to play roulette in the corner of Grand Casino and take pictures in specially exposed vehicles of the brand MINI Delta Motors.

The officials were welcomed by Director of the Diplomacy & Commerce magazine, Ruža Ristanović, after whom the President of the Color Press Group addressed the audience. In his greetings to guests, Robert Čoban said:
“In November this year will be exactly 75 years since the premiere of the movie “Casablanca”. Movie director Michael Curtis came to America as an immigrant from Hungary where he was born under the name of Mihal
y Kertesz… Most of the actors in the film were migrants, most of the roles in the film is made up of refugees who were then fleeing from Europe to Casablanca in French Morocco at the beginning of the Second World War, waiting for a ticket to the New World in there. Today, 75 years later, we are witnessing the greatest migrant crisis since World War II, Most importantly, people were left to help people who needed help! In Casablanca, Tanger or Lisbon refugees then waited for a road map to the New World, as some refugees today in Serbia are waiting for a ticket to Europe. To these children migrants who are today in Serbia are hiding some future scientists and great artists. We all heard of a small painting genius, a boy from Afghanistan who is placed in a migrant camp in Krnjača.

That’s why UNICEF is today with us as an organization that appeared in Yugoslavia 70 years ago and has helped children from then till today! We invite you to join the UNICEF Fellowship Club and together with us, do your best to help our children who need help! I see many familiar faces and friends here, and for those who are the first to tell us a sentence from the film for the first time – I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Enjoy the party and our friends from other countries who believe tonight with us that they will be proud to say one day – We will always have Belgrade!”

After Mr. Čoban spoke Mohammed Amin Gazaoui, adviser to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Belgrade, and then Olivera Stefanović and Goran Karadžicć pulled out a weekend voyage for two and handed a prize on behalf of the “Stara Planina” resort.

In addition to the top wines of the “Tikveš” Winery, Moroccan snacks were served from the restaurant “Đorđe”, champagne “Piper Heidsieck”, waters “Remix Knjaz Miloš” and “Aqua Viva”, “Somersby Cider” and “Carslsberg” beer.

Over two hundred of the guests have enjoyed the spirit of Morocco, including H E Kyle Scott, US Ambassador and his wife Nevenka, Konstantinos Eliades, Ambassador of Cyprus, Gordan Markotić, Ambassador of Croatia and his wife Stela, H E Oleksandr Aleksandrovich, Ambassador of Ukraine, H E Radko Vlaykov, Ambassador of Bulgaria, H E Hari Kandou, Ambassador of Indonesia, Daniel Berg, Director of the EBRD in Serbia, Vesna Čipčić, Adriana Čortan, Suzana Mančić, Suzana Perić, Snežana Dakić and many others.

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