This year’s MIPIM conference, which secured its place as the largest and the most important conference in terms of the global real estate market, will be held in Cannes from 12 to 15 March and it will gather the leading investors, the most important projects and the most influential real estate companies, including CBS International, the leading consulting firm for real estate in the Serbian market, part of Cushman&Wakefield Group.

The most important topics of this year’s fair are the implementation of strategies that will ensure the highest quality of life and the best ways to engage limited resources. Global and social topics influence every segment of business, hence the real estate market as well, which is facing greater challenges each day. The development of new technology and changes in the way people think greatly influenced the world’s business environment, while Serbia is also exposed to these changes and just like all other countries, it needs to adapt to the new situation as soon as possible.

Our country attracts an increasing number of investors that want to invest. What stands out as an interesting fact is that real estate prices here are significantly lower than in the more developed cities of Europe, which will definitely change after accession to the EU. The scope of transactions in Europe is at a high level thanks to the influence of large capital coming in from Asia. If we compare the previous period with the current situation in which the real estate market operates, we can see that industrial complexes and business buildings are taking the lead in the structure of investments compared to retail buildings in our region – stated Srdjan Teofilovic, Head of Capital Markets & Investor Services Sector at CBS International.

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