CCC shoes&bags presented its brand, strategy and further development

A well-known Polish brand for shoes and bags CCC shoes&bags has opened its 12th shop in Serbia, and for this occasion has prepared a special task for the media. All guests were in the role of fashion models.

Their job was to make an ideal combination of shoes and bags. Inspector Blaza and the actress Maja Susa helped them choose the right pieces, while Dragana Jeftenić, Marketing Manager of CCC shoes&bags for Serbia, familiarized them with the brand, its tradition and further plans. “CCC offers over 70 brands of shoes and bags. The variety of models and styles guarantees the choice of shoes for any occasion. An affordable price and a great number of shops vouch for the availability of the offer. In CCC shops you will find everything from casual shoes, to comfortable sports shoes, Sprandi, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, or Skechers, among the others, and for the youngest- shoes with the pictures of children’s idols from Disney cartoons. We are proud of the fact that we have managed to open a chain of shops in a short period of time. We have covered almost all parts of Serbia, and Belgrade as its capital. Our aim is to continue in that direction, and to be leaders on the Serbian market, when it comes to our assortment. On the global market, CCC shoes&bags has over 1565 shops, sells more than 50 million shoes annually, with the turnover of more than EUR. We are proud to say that today over 15000 people work for our brand, and we all act as a team. What awaits us is the modernization and digitization. We are getting ready for the e-commerce in Serbia as well, and we plan to spread further to the countries such as Russia, Romania, and Bulgaria. Our brand is also recognizable for socially responsible business, and that is why our customers appreciate us more”, said Dragana. The brand CCC plans to open shops in Sremska Mitrovica and Kruševac as well.

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