Celebrating a Half Century in Frames – ‘Photo Journals’ Mark the Cultural Center of Serbia’s 50th Anniversary

An exhibition of documentary photographs by Milovan Miki Ćirovski was opened in the crowded gallery of the Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris to mark the 50th anniversary of this unique institution

Photo: Jovan Došlov

The exhibition “Photo journals”, presented to the Paris audience tonight by the Cultural Center of Serbia and Balkan Media, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, follows the rich history of this institution and its commitment to promotion Serbian culture in Paris.

Photo: Jovan Došlov

The exhibition celebrates 50 years of passion, creativity and openness, and has transformed the Center’s gallery into a space for visual exploration of the most significant moments in its history. Through impressive shots, Milovan Miki Ćirovski, journalist and photographer, alumni of the prestigious Louis-Lumiere school and the most faithful witness of the development of the Cultural Center of Serbia since its foundation, recorded privileged moments of intercultural encounters, numerous projects and exciting events.

Photo: Jovan Došlov

Director of the Cultural Center of Serbia, Natali Beljanski, thanked the author of the exhibition for enabling such a valuable archive to see the light of day and remind visitors of the successes and achievements of the Cultural Center. Nikola Letić, director of projects at Balkan Media, noted that this esteemed home is not only a cultural institution, but the only and unique showcase of Serbian culture on the demanding Parisian art scene.

Danilo Kiš

The opening was attended by a large number of admirers of photography and Serbian culture, including the famous French photo critic Hervé Le Goff, the Serbian consul in France Branislava Bečanović, the famous artist Boba Pavlović and the musician Petar Gojković and the big names of photography Milomir Kovačević Strašni and Zoran Jovanović Mačak.

Kusturica i Neda Gluščević

The first part of the exhibition takes place from June 16 to July 8, showing the very beginnings of this institution.

Peter Handke

After the summer, there will be a second part that will present events from the 80s to the present day.

Vlada – Ljuba

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