Celebrities From Cultural Sphere Supported the Donor Campaign “Be a Part of Hope Too”

Prominent local artists, Nela Mihajlović, Dragan Mićanović, Bojana Stefanović, Miona Marković, Marcelo, Suzana Lukić, Zejna and DJ Lea Davogić, supported the donor campaign “Be a part of hope” which collects money for the further development of the music centre in Primary school “Branko Pešić” in Zemun

Photo: Duško Vukić

The humanitarian campaign is implemented as part of the “Music of Hope” program, intended for children living below the poverty line, who, through regular and high-quality music education, remain in the education system and get a chance for a better future.

Nela Mihailović, drama champion of Belgrade’s “National Theatre”, regarding her participation in the donor campaign “Be a part of hope”, says: “Every child deserves the right to a smile, to joy, to happiness, to a beautiful life.” The “Music of Hope” program offers them that chance. If I can contribute to that with my support and my presence, it is natural for me to be there.”

Bojana Stefanović, Photo: Roger produkcija

Suzana Lukić, an actress, points out: “I joined the campaign because I believe that every person on the planet should have the same chances, and “Music of Hope” tries to bring children from the margins at least closer to an equal starting point. Music is for silence, music is for screaming, and everything in between. She brought me refuge, and hope, and beauty, and light.”

“Music has brought me hope many times in my life. I remember the moments, especially in my teenage years, when a song that explains how I feel finds me and gives me a hand, showing me that many people before me felt the same way,” said actress Miona Marković, regarding her participation in supporting the program.

Lea Davogić, Photo: Roger produkcija

According to the singer Zejna, music gives hope and love: “I joined the campaign, because I am in favour of helping and educating children and young people, especially if it is through musical projects. All these years, since I can remember, music has protected and healed me and awakened my imagination. It gives me the strength to endure each new day and be better, grow and develop.”

Lea Davogić, known as DJ Lea, said on the occasion of her participation in the donation campaign: “I heard about “Music of Hope” from my high school counterpoint teacher, Biljana Simenović, and decided that the least I could do was give them my knowledge and time.”

Miona Marković, Photo: Roger produkcija

Bojana Stefanović, an actress, commented on her motives for participating in the following words: “I joined the donor campaign with a lot of love. All children deserve to be given the chance to develop their gift and flourish with it. Music is an inseparable part of our life; it is necessary to provide equal opportunities for every child to enrich his life through music.”

Nela Mihailović, Photo: Roger produkcija

The “Music of Hope” program aims to, through music, the most humane and most beautiful way of communication, connect children from socially disadvantaged families and children who are scattered with their peers from regular school and musical education, and restore to them and their family’s faith in love, respect, regular education, equality – faith in life.

Join the famous people who are already with the students at Elementary School “Branko Pešić” from Zemun, donate according to your possibilities on the website of the “Music of Hope” program, via the link:https://www.musicartpro.rs/en/be-part-of-hope/

Dragan Mićanović, Photo: Roger produkcija



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