Certificates Handed Over to The First Generation of Students – (Future) Managers for Personal Data Protection

Today (On 24 May 2021), the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection and Dean of the Faculty of Security Studies University of Belgrade, handed over certificates to the first generation of students, who have successfully completed a short program of study  ” Training for Personal Data Protection Managers”. The certificate handover ceremony was held in the MP’s Club in Belgrade.

Above-mentioned short program of study is a unique educational program in Serbia, which provides professional training in the field of protection of personal data, in accordance with regulations and international and domestic standards. After completion of this program students will earn the title of Personal Data protection Manager.

Professor Dr. Vladimir Cvetković, Dean of the Faculty of Security, pointed out that this kind of study program is organized for the first time and unprecedented in University of Belgrade history, and that this is a pioneering endeavor for their Faculty. He also emphasized that the their main goal is to attract students, both at local and regional level, in order to contribute to the spread and strengthening of the security culture in the field of personal data protection.

Milan Marinović, Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection

Commissioner Milan Marinović expressed his gratitude to the Dean of the Faculty of Security Studies, for the exceptional cooperation on this program and the official  incorporation of this Right in the Faculty’s curricula. The Commissioner’s office staff has provided the up-to-date practical training and encouraged professional development of the future personnel in the field of personal data protection.

In the upcoming period, we will pay special attention to the continuous education of young people and the improvement of their knowledge in this area at various educational levels in Serbia.” One of the goals is the official incorporation of these contents in the curricula of primary and secondary schools, as well as the education of persons responsible for the personal data protection in schools. Our main idea is to train both teachers and students in this field of right through various trainings and pilot projects,” Commissioner Milan Marinović pointed out.



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