Changes in the management of Nestlé

Company Nestlé announced changes in its leadership, which came into force at the beginning of the second quarter of this year. Dejan Maslinko is the new commercial director for Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo, while Neli Angelova took up the position of director of communications for the Nestlé market of Southeast Europe (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro , Bulgaria and Romania). They are also members of the Nestlé Management Team for the Southeast European market.

Dejan Maslinko began his career at Nestlé, 21 years old, in the sales sector in Northern Macedonia. Since 2013 he has been developing the business of the company in Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo. All the areas in which it was in charge showed stable growth and profitability during this period, contributing to the development of the company at the regional level. Working in different business contexts, Dejan has gained considerable experience, which will be of great help to him in the new role.

With more than 26 years of experience in Nestlé, Neli Angelova has significantly contributed to the development of the food category in Bulgaria, where she served as a business manager for the culinary sector. In the same position, she spent one year at Nestlé Adriatic, and starting in 2017, she was appointed head of communications and corporate affairs in Bulgaria. During this position, the team in Bulgaria has built significant partnerships with key associates and institutions, but also managed to increase media coverage, and further develop the role of research and e-commerce in the company.

Dejan Maslinko and Neli Angelova will use their rich experience in leadership positions, strong leadership skills and excellent business skills to fully realize the market potential of all the areas they are in charge of, improving their teams’ performance in order to jointly achieve even greater business success.

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