Chapter 27 in Serbia is still in preparation

Coalition 27 at a press conference held at the Media Centre presented its third report entitled “Chapter 27 in Serbia is still in preparation.” The annual report summarises the results of the monitoring and analysis of changes in the field of environment and climate change in the Republic of Serbia, formed in accordance with the process of negotiations with the European Union under Chapter 27. The report presents an independent critical review of the many challenges and puts forward concrete proposals to the Government of the Republic of Serbia in order to complete the process of negotiations and accession to the European Union which would result in a real shift, and the improvement of the situation in the environment.

The report, “Chapter 27 in Serbia is still in preparation,” deals with problems that have accumulated over decades, and that can be solved only with the full commitment of the Government and a firm commitment to the environment and climate change which would figure high on the priority list. Also, the intention of the report of the Coalition 27 is to show that climate change and environmental quality is not only an obligation stemming from the negotiations with the EU, but a matter that concerns the health of all citizens.” – said Tanja Petrović, Director of Youth researchers of Serbia on behalf of the Coalition 27.


Chapter 27 – Environment and climate change is often referred to as the most extensive and expensive. However, if we take into account that the air in Serbia among the most polluted in Europe (according to the European Environment Agency) and the World Health Organisation has estimated that the economic costs resulting from the premature deaths, which are a result of air pollution in Serbia amounts 33.5 per cent of GDP the situation is far from favourable.
Ms Petrović added that “The environment cannot wait for the new election cycle. It is necessary to establish a long-term strategy for solving these problems, bearing in mind that the most recent estimates on how much it will cost us all long been outdated and actually we are targetting a moving target.”

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