CHILDREN REVERSED UNIQA INSURANCE: World Children’s Day marked with a great action #PlavoZaSvakoDete

Children today took over the management of UNIQA Insurance, on the occasion of marking the World Children’s Day! Based on the unanimous decision voted at the Children’s Collegium, the central building of the Company will, in accordance with the global slogan of this campaign #PlavoZaSvakoDete (#GoBlue), be illuminated by the end of the day in blue.

An extraordinary session of more than 20 small executives marked the official start of the celebration that every year, at the initiative of UNICEF, unites the most prestigious companies, institutions and individuals around the world with one goal – promoting children’s rights.

Participants of the meeting, through an open dialogue with each other, came to the conclusion that children do not need additional rights, but respect for the existing ones. They also made clear suggestions that adults can support them in ensuring equal access to education, security and achieving full potential for each child. Their ideas are entered in the official minutes, and will serve as a kind of guidance for new investments in socially responsible UNIQA insurance projects.

The discussion on her children’s rights continued with her peers at the Elementary School Đuro Strugar, who donated a unique mural to UNIQA on the occasion of the World Children’s Day together with the famous artist Andrei Josifovsky Pianist, reminiscent of one of the most important rights – the right to freedom of thought.

Great support for children and young people in this important task was employed by UNIQA Insurance. They are, wanting to show that they play in the same #PlavoZaSvakoDate team dressed in blue builder and take the details in this color.

Promoters of UNIQA insurance water polo players Andrija Prlainović, Milan Aleksić, Sava Ranđelović and Dušan Mandić also joined in the action. Through their social networking accounts, they invited followers to train something blue and share their photos with #PlavoZaSakoDete, in order to make this global movement even more visible.

UNIQA organized this event on the initiative and in cooperation with UNICEF, the most eminent global organization that has been representing the rights and interests of children around the world for more than 70 years. The World Children’s Day is a kind of children’s day celebration celebrated by children every day on November 20 through the takeover of companies, institutions and the media, in order to keep their voice heard. This year, the central theme is the equal access to education for every child.

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