Christos Harpantidis (PMI): a New Chapter of Business in Serbia is Starting (VIDEO)

The Philip Morris company welcomes the new year, 2024, with optimism, with the realization of the investment in the factory in Niš, which was announced on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company’s business in Serbia.

The investment of 100 million dollars in a new production facility and the creation of 200 new jobs in order to produce non-burning tobacco cartridges in Serbia, intended primarily for export, represents a big step towards the realization of the company’s vision of a future without tobacco smoke.

Philip Morris has an ambitious goal to be part of the solution to the global smoking problem by offering science-based smokeless alternatives to cigarettes. The company’s mission is clear – to reduce the number of smokers by switching to less harmful alternatives that represent a better choice compared to traditional cigarettes.

Philip Morris Vice President for Southeast Europe, Christos Harpantidis, in a kind of review of the business year 2023, emphasizes the importance of mutual regional cooperation between the company’s branches, the development of professional skills among employees, as well as the importance of the investment in the Niš factory itself, which strengthens Serbia’s position on the path of complete transformation business, with the aim of consigning traditional cigarettes to the past.


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