Clean Water as the Ultimate Goal of Sustainable Development

Aware of the importance of drinking water in today’s world, NIS remains committed to fostering a responsible attitude towards water resources, as one of the priorities of environmental protection

The time in which we live brings with it numerous benefits such as technological and economic progress, but also numerous challenges that we must overcome to preserve the only home we have – the planet Earth and the right to a dignified life for all its inhabitants. With that goal in mind, the United Nations has defined 17 sustainable development goals which are also a call for global action which ultimate goals are the eradication of poverty and hunger, economic prosperity, and equal access to natural resources for all communities around the planet. Having access to clean water is one of the basic human rights. However, according to UN research, a large number of the Earth’s population does not have access to these resources. According to the UN, more than 2 billion people do not have access to drinking water and quality sanitation. Also, more than 3 billion inhabitants of our planet do not even have adequate conditions for washing their hands in their households.

Given this information, as well as the fact that on 22nd March, the World Water Day, the UN warned that the problems are becoming even more pronounced due to global climate change, it is clear that access to clean water is becoming one of the most important goals of sustainable development. Achieving this goal is possible only with a broad action that would include all responsible countries, the non-governmental sector, companies and interested individuals.


At the same time, companies have a significant responsibility because they are large consumers of water, and their activities have a strong environmental impact. Thus, environmental challenges are also present in the energy industry. One of the leading domestic companies in this sector, NIS Group, sees sustainable development as its strategic commitment, but also as a fundamental practice that it is constantly improving with the view of improving environmental protection, preserving natural resources and improving the quality of life of the community. In its business, NIS recognizes 12 of the 17 UN’s sustainable development goals, which accomplishment contributes to the company’s daily activities.

The preservation of water intended for public water supply, food industry and irrigation of agricultural areas is one of those goals. To contribute as much as possible to accomplish this goal, and by constantly modernizing the Pančevo Oil Refinery and implementing modern technologies, NIS saves, during a three-year period, the amount of water proportional to the entire Lake Sava. NIS also pays great attention to wastewater management. By treating wastewater to meet certain standards, NIS protects public sewerage systems and end-users. Today, NIS has a total of 355 water purification plants.

The fact that NIS, as one of its side activities, produces drinking water from the Jazak water spring on Fruška Gora, shows how much this company is aware of the importance that drinking water has in today’s world. This top-quality spring water with optimal mineral composition, which comes from one of the cleanest natural water springs near the Jazak Monastery on Fruška Gora, is produced following the highest standards in this segment. While being aware of the importance of drinking water in today’s world, NIS remains committed to fostering a responsible attitude towards water resources, as one of the priorities of environmental protection.

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