Coca-Cola HBC Serbia supported economic empowerment of women from the village

With a donation of 327,600 dinars, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia has enabled a successful crowdfunding within the Help women from the village of Stanišić live from their work campaign at the platform!

The project leader is the Sombor Good Garden Association, established within the B92 Foundation’s  Empowerment project. The Association is engaged in economic empowerment of women through production and processing of organically-grown cherry tomatoes and education of women in that area.

The funds will be allocated to the purchase of a professional drying facility, enabling more efficient production and processing and power saving, which will provide funds for engaging more women from the village of Stanišić and its surroundings in the processing procedure, who will thus have an opportunity for extra income and better life.

As the Empowerment project leader and fundraise initiator, the B92 Foundation has thanked Coca-Cola HBC Serbia for the donation.

“We would like to thank Coca-Cola HBC Serbia for having recognised the importance of this issue and deciding to allocate funds for supporting women in rural areas, who are one of the most vulnerable categories of the population. We see the Sombor Good Garden Association’s potential in developing a unique product in the market such as Good Cherry – dried cherry tomato in olive oil, made upon a special recipe. This is a significant step on the road of economic empowerment of women from Stanišić and nearby villages,” said the B92 Foundation Director Marija Čečen.

Director of the Public Relations and Communications Sector in Coca-Cola HBC Serbia Vladimir Tipsarević has said that Coca-Cola has for years been building the partnership with the B92 Foundation: “That partnership enables us to recognise and address needs of the local community where we live and work. This is one of such examples. We are glad to provide our contribution to this noble mission of support and economic empowerment of women through the Empowerment project. The project is particularly important because it is focused on long-term support to women via continuous education, development of their skills and capacities for finding an adequate job more easily.”

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