Coca-Cola Inspired Everyone to be Santa Claus and Make Children from the SOS Villages of Serbia

This New Year, 170 children from the SOS Children’s Villages in Kraljevo and Sremska Kamenica will experience the happiness of holidays and go on an unforgettable winter trip thank to people in Serbia and The Coca-Cola Company.

One of the most renowned companies in the world, famous for its innovative Christmas campaigns and socially responsible activities, has decided to take a step further this year and tell everyone that Santa Claus is actually – us, and that we can easily become someone who spreads magic of good deeds by making dear people happy in a simple manner.

In November and December, people have been invited to do a good deed: pleasantly surprise their friends or colleagues at work, perform a socially responsible activity: help clean a local park or snow in front of their building or simply call someone they miss, then take a photo or video of their good deed and post it on Instagram with #BudiDedaMraz and tag Coca-Cola Serbia, so that dear people can feel special because of that little gesture of attention. But that is not all, since the magic of New Year’s deeds has just been initiated. Each post shared at an Instagram profile with #BudiDedaMraz brings more fun to the children without parental care from the SOS Children’s Villages that Coca-Cola takes on a winter trip this year to enjoy winter magic.

”As many times before, Coca-Cola has decided to share New Year’s happiness by inspiring everyone to take matters in their hands and make happy those who mean the most to them. We have decided to take the children from the SOS Village Dr Milorad Pavlović from Sremska Kamenica and the SOS Village Kraljevo on a winter trip where they can enjoy, socialise, have fun and ski as many of their peers. We wish to enter the New Year by spreading the magic of kindness because we believe that each of us can a do a lot by doing little, but significant deeds. Those deeds may seem insignificant but we believe that they set an avalanche in motion and change the world around us, making it a better place to live,” said Vladimir Latinović, Brand Manager of the Coca-Cola Company.

While the last hours of this year are ticking away and we are entering the happiest period of giving, the most beautiful gifts are those that show that we have dedicated time, attention, smile to someone, because efforts and attention are often what makes people the happiest. Coca-Cola and #BudiDedaMraz send a message that heart is the warmest when we see dear people and their smiling faces around us. And if we can help make happy someone who needs it the most, then we have created the true New Year magic.

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