The Coca-Cola system in Serbia revealed on Zlatibor the first hand-made billboard on the occasion of the announcement of the start of the series “Coca-Cola Travel – Unforgettable Tastes of Serbia”.

Some of the most authentic dishes from all over Serbia will be presented and moderniSed through 12 exciting episodes that will be broadcast in the coming period on the official Coca-Cola Facebook page. Coca-Cola went into a big gastronomic adventure through Vranje, Bojnik, Leskovac, Pirot, Aleksinac, Potpeće, Ljig, Rogljevo, Vršac, Zrenjanin, Sumrakovac near Boljevac and Debeljač. Authentic dishes such as samsa with trljanica, vurda, belmuž and many others will be rediscovered in the video series and will receive the spirit of modernity with the help of the culinary enthusiast Ivan Marković who is accompanied by famous radio manager Filip Ugrenović on this trip. The billboard production that lasted for several months at Zlatibor was entrusted with valuable and skillful knitwears from Zlatibor. It is completely hand-knit with motifs from this region. Soon another billboard will be installed in another part of Serbia, which will also be handmade, but with a technique that is characteristic for the location itself.

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